Lost and Found FAQ

How do I report a lost item?

Online: The easiest and most efficient way to report a lost item is our online Lost and Found form. Once submitted, all of your lost item information will be accessible by Lost and Found personnel. You will receive a confirmation email with a case number for tracking purposes. If you reply to the confirmation email with additional lost item information, it will automatically be routed to the appropriate person/department handling your report.

Phone: You can also contact our Lost and Found office at 202-962-1195 during the following hours: Tuesday-Friday, 11 am - 5 pm. A customer service representative will record your information and provide you with a case number.


How long before I can claim my recovered lost item?

It can take two to five days for items to be routed to and processed by our Lost and Found office in Hyattsville. Processing times vary depending on the type of item and where it was lost within the Metro system. Report your lost item as soon as possible but do not come to the Lost and Found office until you are contacted.


How will I know that my item has been recovered?

If your item is recovered, you will be contacted by phone by a Metro Lost and Found team member. The item can be picked up or shipped to you.


What if I live out of town or I cannot come pick my item up?

WMATA's Lost and Found Office will ship your item to you. Please call the Lost and Found staff Tuesday-Friday between 11 am and 5 pm at 202-962-1195. (The office is closed on federal holidays). Please have your case number when you call.


How do I enter a claim for Lost and Found if I don't have Internet access?

Contact the Lost and Found Department Tuesday-Friday 11 am - 5 pm at 202-962-1195. A customer service representative will record your information and provide you with a case number.


After I am contacted about a recovered item, where do I go to claim it?

Metro Office of Lost and Found
6505 Belcrest Road
Suite 500
Hyattsville, MD 20782
(A short walk from the Prince George's Plaza Metrorail station)


What do I need to bring to claim a recovered item?

Bring photo identification and the case number to expedite the process.


How long does Metro hold a recovered item?

Recovered items are held for 30 days.


What happens to unclaimed items?

After 30 days, unclaimed items are destroyed, disposed of, donated to charity or auctioned off.


What happens if I lose my SmarTrip® Card?

If you have lost your SmarTrip® card on Metrobus or Metrorail, call 1-888-762-7874 or send us email. Do not submit a lost item report for lost SmarTrip® cards. SmarTrip® cards are processed by a third-party vendor that uses a specialized tracking system.


How do I claim paper farecards and passes?

In order to claim paper farecards or passes, you must identify the exact amount remaining on farecards or the number of days remaining on passes.


What is the process for claiming keys and eyeglasses?

If you have lost keys or eyeglasses, visit the Lost and Found office as these items are too numerous and non-descriptive to determine ownership without visual confirmation. During business hours, key and eyeglass bins are available for customers to search through. Do not complete a Lost and Found form for these items.


How do I claim my cell phone?

Cell phones will be released to customers who can identify their ESN (Electronic Serial Number). Contact your cellular provider and get this information prior to coming to the Lost and Found. No cell phones will be released without this identifier.


How are wallets and purses processed?

If a wallet or purse is found and it contains identification, a postcard will be mailed to the address listed on the identification. If a lost item report has been opened by the owner, contact information (phone number/email address) will be used to notify the owner that the lost item has been recovered. In order to claim this item, another form of identification bearing your name and address will be required.


Can someone else claim my lost item?

Yes, someone may pick up the lost item for you but must have a notarized statement from the owner granting permission to pick up the item. A copy of the photo identification of the person claiming the item will be attached to the notarized statement and filed (only driver's licenses or non-driver's IDs will be accepted). No exceptions will be made to this policy.


Where are the items auctioned after the 30 day holding period?

The items are auctioned at:

Capital Auto Auctions
1905 Brentwood Road, NE
Washington, DC 20018

An auction is held every month. Please contact Capital Auto Auctions at 202-269-3361 for further information or visit the Capital Auto Auctions website.


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