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For immediate release: March 20, 2009

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Metro makes schedule and route data available via Web site
Route and schedule data can be downloaded for Web application development

Beginning Monday (March 23), anyone can download technological data about Metrorail and Metrobus routes, stops and schedules on Metro’s Web site.

The raw data is available in a coded format that can be used by anyone who wants to turn the information into a usable computer application, including businesses and Web masters.

“For the average Metro rider, the best way to get up-to-date and accurate bus and rail information is still to visit our Web site,,” said Emeka Moneme, Metro’s Chief Administrative Officer.

Users of the information must agree to Metro’s terms of use before they can download the information, which includes exempting the transit agency from liability. The user also is responsible for keeping the information up-to-date and accurate. Users can sign up for RSS feeds to be notified when the raw data has changed.

“We have received requests for this information by a corporate entity. However, we felt that instead of making our data available to just one corporate giant on an exclusive basis with legal restrictions on us, we decided to make it available to everyone with no legal or financial risks to Metro,” said Moneme.

For now, users can download the information at no cost. As part of Metro efforts to generate new revenue, the transit authority is taking a look at intellectual property, such as schedule data to determine whether there are revenue opportunities in the future.

Beginning Monday, more information about downloading the data can be found at or under the “Rider Tools” section on Metro’s Web site ( Look for “Developer Resources.”

News release issued at 9:39 am, March 20, 2009.

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