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For immediate release: February 18, 2011

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Judge Rules in Metro Arbitration Case
Arbitration Board to submit supplemental opinion

Judge Peter Messitte of the United States District Court for the district of Maryland issued a decision today (Feb. 18) in Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) appeal of the Kasher Arbitration Award between WMATA and ATU Local 689. At issue is a retroactive wage increase for all Metro employee members of Local 689.

“We welcome the Court’s decision and desire an expeditious resolution to this matter,” said Richard Sarles, Metro General Manager and Chief Executive Officer.

The judge agreed with the transit Authority that the Kasher Supplemental Opinion issued on June 22, 2010, did not comply with the National Capital Area Interest Arbitration Standards Act, a federal statute which applies to interest arbitration decisions involving WMATA.

The judge directed the Kasher arbitration board to submit a Supplemental Opinion that complies with the Standards Act within 40 days. Upon submission of the Supplemental opinion, the parties will have 15 days to submit motions stating their respective positions, and the Judge will then issue a final decision in this matter on an expedited basis.

The National Capital Area Interest Arbitration Standards Act prohibits an arbitrator from rendering an award that provides for salaries and other benefits that exceed the interstate compact agency’s funding ability; allows an increase in pay rates only if any costs to the agency do not adversely affect the public welfare; and requires the arbitrator to issue a written award that demonstrates all of the factors in the Act.

News release issued at 2:36 pm, February 18, 2011.

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