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Registering your bike can help the police identify and recover it in the event that it is lost or stolen. Because many bikes look alike, identifying your bike with its serial number is the best way to protect your property.

Bike registration with Metro Transit Police is quick, easy and free. Simply complete the online form below and press submit.

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Bike Security Tips

Register your bike with Metro Transit Police. Registration can help police identify and recover your property in the event that it is stolen.

Use authorized racks. Metro provides about 2,000 bike racks on the system for your convenience. The racks are positioned in well-lit, high traffic areas for additional security. Locking your bike to a fence, sign or other unauthorized fixture is an easy way to lose it.

Only use "U Locks". Did you know that more than 9 out of 10 bikes stolen on Metro were secured with cable or chain locks? Meanwhile, only 4% of stolen bikes were secured with U-Locks. Protect your investment with a quality lock.

Using two locks is even better than using one. If you really want maximum protection, use one U-Lock for the front wheel and frame, and the other for the rear wheel and frame.

Keep a copy of your bike's serial number in your wallet. Your serial number will help police identify your bike if it is recovered or if the thief attempts to resell it.

Hide a business card or index card with your name and phone number inside the bike frame. This is another sensible step to help get your bike back to you if it is recovered.

Take advantage of secure facilities where available. Many stations offer fully enclosed bike lockers for a small fee. In addition, College Park Station offers a secure "bike & ride" facility that features card access and multiple CCTV cameras for enhanced security.

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