New SmartBenefits® Transit Pass category type:
Employers assign value to Transit Pass category for employees to use SmartBenefits® to purchase passes using SmartBenefits® funds in online SmarTrip® account. Transit Pass benefits are available as Rollover, and Non-Rollover. Learn more: Transit Pass Overview and Transit Pass FAQs.

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    What Is SmartBenefits® Autoload?

    SmartBenefits® is a convenient Web-based program that lets employers assign the dollar value of employees' monthly commuting benefit directly to the employees' SmarTrip® cards. This can be done right from your computer using our website.

    Van pool, long-distance and MTA commuter bus, VRE and MARC passengers can direct their SmartBenefits® payment to their transit service provider or a mail order ticket service by establishing a Passenger Allocation Account.

    Van pool operators and transit service providers must register their service in the online Metro SmartBenefits® operators program to receive electronic SmartBenefits® payments from their passengers. Passengers who participate in their employers' SmartBenefits® program will allocate their fare payments directly to their commuter service operators' designated account via the Internet. Instructions on the allocation process can be found under the Van Pools and Transit Services section.

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    How to Start

    Apply for a SmartBenefits® account. Collect your employees' SmartTrip® serial numbers. Enter employees' SmarTrip® serial numbers and benefit amounts for transit and parking between first and 15th day of the month for benefits for upcoming month.

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    Allocate Benefit to Transit Provider
    Purchase Select Transit Passes

    SmartBenefits® participants who use a van pool, MetroAccess, MARC, VRE, D & B Bus/Quick's Commuter Service, National Coachworks/Martz,, Arlington County Commuter stores or MTA commuter buses, do not download SmartBenefits® to your SmarTrip® card. Click here for passenger and operator instructions.

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    Claiming Benefits

    To claim or access your transit or parking benefits, just use your SmarTrip® card as if you are paying your fare or parking fee and the appropriate amount will be deducted from your SmarTrip® card account's transit or parking purse. It's that simple, just tap your card to a Metrorail faregate, bus farebox or Metro parking target and you're on your way. At the beginning of each month, a new benefit amount will be available for you to use.

    Claiming the monthly benefit at the machine is for Official Travel and non-Autoload customers.

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    Managing Your SmartBenefits® Program

    The SmartBenefits® program established through Metro is a free service for employers. Go to Employer login. Metro does not charge for anything other than the fares ordered. However, if you are interested in hiring a fee-for-service organization to manage your SmartBenefits® program, feel free to contact the following groups for additional information.

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image of telephoneSmarTrip® and SmartBenefits® transactions, balances and Passenger Allocation Account password resets, call:
202-962-1326, option 1
7 AM - 8 PM Monday - Friday

SmartBenefits® program managers and transit service providers call
8 AM - 4 PM Monday-Friday.

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