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Kids' Zone

Safety First

Kids, we want you to be safe when riding Metro. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings and watch your step.
  • Don't play on escalators or elevators.
  • Stay close to your parents if they're traveling with you.
  • If you're lost or need help, look for a station manager or Metro employee wearing a bright orange vest.
  • Stand back from the platform edge while you wait for the train.
  • Don't lean on doors and stay away from closing doors.
  • Never run to catch a bus after it has left a bus stop and don't approach a bus that is already in motion.
  • Take care when using your iPod, cell phone or other electronic devices.
  • If you're traveling by yourself, sit in the first car of the train near the train operator.
  • If you see unusual behavior or anything suspicious, don't be afraid to tell a Metro employee or call Metro Transit Police at 202-962-2121.

Respect the Rules

It's important to follow Metro's laws while traveling throughout the system. Eating, drinking, and smoking are not allowed, nor are fighting, being disruptive, carrying weapons or other dangerous articles or destroying Metro property.

Remember, your actions make a difference. Here are a few friendly reminders:

  • Be courteous to fellow Metro riders.
  • Stand to the right on escalators so others can pass on the left.
  • Allow other customers to exit before you get on a train or bus.
  • Don't eat or drink on Metro.
  • Don't leave trash on trains or buses.
  • Talk quietly and be sure to use earphones when you listen to your portable music or game player.
  • If a Metro employee speaks to you, listen and follow instructions.

Fun Facts about Metro

  • When the first phase of Metrorail opened in 1976, customers could only ride the Red Line between Rhode Island Avenue and Farragut North. Since then, Metrorail has added over 100 miles and expanded operations to a total of 86 stations throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.
  • Metro Transit Police have an elite group of furry friends who help keep riders safe. The canine team patrols trains, stations, and buses, and the dogs help investigate suspicious odors, packages, and activity.
  • Metro trains run at an average speed of 33 miles per hour, which includes stops. The maximum speed trains can travel is 59 mph.
  • Metro has over 1,500 buses, which travel almost 50 million miles each year.
  • Metrorail and Metrobus carry over a million people each weekday.
  • Metro cares about the environment. Our eco-friendly buses run on special fuels that limit air pollution, and our trains help reduce traffic congestion. Each year, Metro keeps enough cars off the road to prevent the emission of 10,000 tons of air pollutants and the burning of 75 million gallons of gasoline.

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