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SmarTrip® Card

SmarTrip®The SmarTrip® card is a permanent, rechargeable farecard that is safe and easy to use. Buy SmarTrip® cards online, at any Metrorail station, or at many convenient locations.

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Peak SmarTrip® Fares (in effect weekdays from opening to 9:30 am and 3-7 pm and weekends midnight to closing)

  • $2.15 minimum
  • $5.90 maximum

Off-Peak SmarTrip® Fares (all other times)

  • $1.75 minimum
  • $3.60 maximum

To see the fares between stations, go to the Metrorail stations page and click on the station where you're starting your trip.

SmarTrip® Transfers

Metrobus to Metrobus. Bus-to-bus transfers with a SmarTrip® card are valid for free, unlimited Metrobus connections (including round trips) within a two-hour period. Pass product usage is not eligible for a transfer credit.

Between Metrobus and Metrorail. A 50¢ discount is given for bus-to-rail and rail-to-bus transfers with a SmarTrip® card within a two-hour period. Pass product usage is not eligible for a transfer credit.

Metrorail to Metrorail at Farragut Crossing. Farragut Crossing gives customers an alternative to Metro Center when transferring between the Red and Blue/Orange lines. A customer traveling from Ballston to Bethesda, for example, can now exit at Farragut West, walk across the square and reenter at Farragut North to continue the trip. With Farragut Crossing, the customer pays one fare, not two. Pass product usage is not eligible for a transfer credit. See Farragut Crossing details.

Children's Fares

Up to two children, four years and younger, ride free with each adult paying full fare. Children five and older pay adult fares. Special discounted student passes are available for District of Columbia residents.

Metrorail Fares for Seniors and People with Disabilities (All times)

Senior citizens 65 and older, people with disabilities, and customers with a Medicare card and valid photo ID ride for half the peak fare with a reduced fare SmarTrip® card.

For more information about qualifying for and buying a reduced fare SmarTrip® card, see Senior SmarTrip® Card or Metro Disability ID information or call 202-637-7000 or TTY 202-638-3780.

Free orientations on how to use Metrobus and Metrorail services are available to senior citizens and people with disabilities by calling 202-962-1100 or TTY 202-962-2033.

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