Metrorail SmarTrip® Card Fare Vending Machines

Using Rail Station Fare Vending, Add Value, and ExitFare Vending Machines

Fare vending machines are in every station. A SmarTrip® card is required for each rider age 5 and older (up to two children under age five may travel free with each fare paying adult). The blue fare vending machines are your best choice if you need a SmarTrip® card.

Fare Vending machine

The blue "Fare Vending" machines sell up to six SmarTrip ® cards at a time. You may add up to $300 in value to each SmarTrip® card to pay your fare as you go on Metrorail, Metrobus or one of Metro's Regional Partners, OR you may add a Metrorail pass. Metrorail passes include the One-Day Pass; 7-Day Short Trip Pass; 7-Day Fast Pass; and 28-Day Fast Pass. Just follow the prompts by the ABC buttons to purchase a new card with value or to purchase a new card with a pass.

If you already have a card, then just tap it to the white SmarTrip® target and follow the ABC button prompts to add value or a pass.

The Fare Vending machines accept cash and major credit and debit cards. Bills up to $20 are accepted; however, the machines only provide up to $10 in change. Change is returned in coins.

See our SmarTrip® Q&A's for information on adding value to a SmarTrip® card and watch the SmarTrip® video.

Add Fare machine

The black "Add Value" machines may only be used to add value to an existing SmarTrip® card. They do not sell SmarTrip® cards; they do not sell passes; and they only accept cash. Bills up to $20 are accepted. The machines provide up to $10 in change.

Tap your SmarTrip® card to the white SmarTrip® target; insert your money in the bill acceptor; use the white toggle buttons if you prefer to add less than the money you inserted; tap your card again to add the value; collect any change.

SmarTrip card dispenser

The "Express SmarTrip® Card Dispensers" are available in selected Metrorail stations. The dispensers sell SmarTrip® cards one at a time for $10: $2 for the card itself and $8 in fare value. The dispenser accepts all major credit and debit cards and $1, $5, and $10 bills. It does not give change.

Use the Express SmarTrip® Card Dispensers if you do not need a pass and you plan to spend $8.00 or more in fares on Metrorail, Metrobus, or one of Metro's regional partners.

Exitfare machine

The brown "Exitfare" machines are located near the Metrorail exit gates and only accept cash (coins and $1, $5 and $10 bills). If you were prevented from exiting because your SmarTrip® card or farecard had insufficient fare, then follow the instructions on an Exitfare machine to add the remaining fare. The machines provide up to $9.95 in change.

Please tap your SmarTrip® card to an Exitfare target only if the exit faregate instructed you to: "Stop - Take card Add value". The amount displayed by an Exitfare is the amount you owe, NOT the remaining balance on your card.

Using SmarTrip® Cards at Faregates

See the using Metrorail faregates page.

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