Metro Bike & Ride Facilities

At Metro's Bike & Ride facilities you can park your bike for free, in a secure, enclosed area with card access.

College Park-U of Maryland

  • Register your SmarTrip® card. Go to to create an account and register your card. If you already have a registered SmarTrip® card, you're half way there. If you do not already have one, you can purchase a SmarTrip® card online, at any Metrorail station, or other convenient location.
  • Sign up for Bike & Ride. Click here to sign up for access to Metro's Bike & Ride facilities. You'll receive a registration confirmation via email in 24- 48 hours.
  • Park and retrieve your bike. Tap your registered SmarTrip® card on the target for access to the facility. Always lock your bike inside.
  • Rules:

What You Get

  • Savings Instead of driving and paying to park your car, ride your bike to the station and park it for free.
  • Security Our bike & Ride facility is monitored via security cameras and a registered SmarTrip® card is required to enter.
  • Shelter No more wet seats and slippery pedals!
  • Convenience Your registered SmarTrip® card is your key to every Metro Bike & Ride facility. Just tap your card on the target and open the door.

Tip: Keep a "Station Bike" at the Bike & Ride

Do you work near the station, but not close enough to walk? With secure parking at the Bike & Ride, you can keep your bike at the station overnight, arrive at the station in the morning, and finish your commute by bike.

Coming Soon: East Falls Church and Vienna

Construction has begun on two new Bike & Ride facilities at East Falls Church and Vienna Metrorail stations.

Construction is underway. Based on the current timetable, completion is expected in late 2016.

  Customer Brochure
  Construction Advisory

College Park's Bike & Ride Facility

Bike and Ride entrance

Bike and Ride Racks

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