Proposed Strategic Framework

Meet or Exceed Customer Expectations by Consistently Delivering Quality Service

Provide Reliable, Accessible, Clean and Customer-Focused Transit Service.

On-time service with few delays should get you where you want to go, when you want to get there. From the moment you arrive in a station or board a bus, we will strive to make your travel safe, reliable, clean, comfortable and affordable. Our information should be easy to hear and simple to obtain with support from the latest self-service technology and responsive staff.

Examples of Actions to Lead Us There

For Customers:

  • Integrate new information technology
  • Create a seamless fare system for public transit users in the region
  • Continue escalator and elevator improvements
  • Improve the station and riding environment with better lighting and climate control
  • Continue implementation of Better Bus program and next generation rail cars

For Employees:

  • Continue ongoing customer service training for Metro's frontline
  • Showcase or publicly recognize good, responsive customer service
  • Continue progress on MetroForward campaign
  • Support bus and rail accessibility
  • Achieve service standards for bus and rail

More About Our Quality Improvements:

Additional Resources:

  • Measuring Progress (coming soon)
Commuters on a bus Momentum
  • In 2011, both Metrorail and Metrobus ontime service improved compared to 2010.
  • MetroAccess call center management enhanced communications with customers and kept on-time performance on target.
  • Escalator availability began improving in September 2011.
  • Between 2010 and 2011, our customer commendation rate increased by 2% and customer complaint rate declined by 7%.
  • Metro's presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is improving customer awareness and engagement.

"This is about strategic and business plans that set out what our customers should expect, delivering the service they deserve, and never losing focus on the safety of our riders and employees."
– Tom Downs, Chair,
Customer Service and Operations Committee


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