Proposed Strategic Framework

Improve Regional Mobility and Connect Communities

Provide leadership in the community to develop the transit map of the future.

As we look to the future, Metro will continue to work with the more than 15 different agencies that now provide transit in the region to build a new, forward-looking plan to ensure all our communities have access to transit that crosses and connects the region.

Examples of Actions to Lead Us There

For All Stakeholders:

  • Complete construction of the Silver Line extension in the Dulles corridor
  • Enable 100% 8-car trains during peak periods to reduce on-board crowding
  • Expand capacity at major downtown stations and build pedestrian tunnels to enable transfers between key stations such as Farragut North to Farragut West and Metro Center to Gallery Place
  • Ensure seamless connections between Metro and other transit systems in the region – particularly proposed streetcar, light rail and bus rapid transit systems
  • Finish implementing Priority Corridor Network plan and work with jurisdictions to build bus-only lanes and other transit priority measures
  • Connect communities with new high frequency/high capacity transit linkages, supporting regional transit trip-making across local boundaries
  • Work with jurisdictions to optimize access to Metro and ensure that all modes have safe, direct access pathways

More About Our Transit Plans

Metro Helps You Save Money

Additional Resources:

Metro Access Van Momentum
  • Metro offers development opportunities near stations such as the new multi-use transformation of the Rhode Island Avenue Station parking lot into 274 units of rental housing and retail.
  • In 2011, Metro added 257 new bike racks at 21 Metro stations to accommodate an additional 500 bikes.
  • Metro carries tens of thousands of people each day, acting as a catalyst for the economy and ensuring better air quality and reduced congestion by taking cars off the roadways.

"Metro's interconnected web of rail and bus lines must be maintained and our downtown core capacity enhanced to support future mobility and growth across all parts of the region."
– Muriel Bowser, Chair,
Planning, Program Development, and Real Estate Committee and Member of COG's Transportation Planning Board


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