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The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) provides text messaging service on the status of Metro operations and services as an aid to its customers. However, despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee absolute accuracy. There are inherent problems associated with providing text messaging information. As such, Metro does not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted or error-free nor does Metro make any warranty regarding the reliability of information on the status of Metro operations and services. The customer who subscribes to Metro's text messaging service agrees that the use is at the customer's sole risk and expense and without any liability on the part of Metro.

Examples of Possible Problems: Metro provides information to our customers on the status of Metro operations and services via text messaging as soon as the serving computer receives the information. However, there may be a slight delay during the time that the information is received and recorded. In addition, there may be minor delays between the time that the Serving Computer sends the information and the time that the customer's service provider delivers the information to the customer. In the event of a computer network system crash, Metro may not be able to update information for longer periods of time. There is also the possibility of human error in entering the data, which may affect the accuracy of the information provided.

Possible Charges: Customers may be charged by their service providers for providing the text messaging service. Moreover, customers may be unable to receive text messaging in some geographical areas due to the unavailability of service by their service providers.

Customers may also call:

  • Status of elevator and escalator operations - 202-962-1212
  • Status of rail service - 202-637-7000

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