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1500 32nd Street NW
2832 M St SE
300 Monticello Blvd

K Street & 3rd Street NW
3rd St & Wisconsin Ave NW
6th & M St SW

The White House
Smithsonian Institution

  • Use abbreviations for North, South, East, Northwest as: N, S, E, NW, etc.
  • Use '&' when entering intersections.
  • City, state, and zipcode are not needed and should not be entered.

Trip Planner Coverage

Metro's Trip Planner provides instant itineraries for trips on Metrorail, Metrobus, and other local bus and rail systems. Itineraries provide door-to-door fares and travel times, complete with walking directions and transfers.

Transit Providers Covered by Metro's Trip Planner

  • Metrorail
  • Metrobus
  • Local bus service including CUE, U-MD Shuttle, Howard County Transit, DASH, Arlington, Frederick County Transit, RIBS Fairfax Connector, Annapolis Transit, Connect-a-Ride, Prince William County-OmniRide/OmniLink, Loudoun County Transit, Ride-On, Tysons Shuttle, TheBus
  • Local rail service including MARC Train and Virginia Railway Express (VRE)

See our Regional Transportation providers page for phone numbers and links to websites for non-Metro transit providers.

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