Board Executive Session - January 12, 2023

Type of event: Board/Committee Meeting

Thursday January 12, 2023

11:15 AM

Committee Name: Board of Directors in Executive Session

Board Executive Session Agenda for January 12, 2023

I. Request for Executive Session
In accordance with the Bylaws, I, Paul Smedberg, request that the Board of Directors convene an executive session to discuss the following matters pursuant to Article II, paragraph 9, subsection(s):

a. Budgetary matters that may affect legal positions, WMATA contracts, or sensitive relationships with local jurisdictions or the federal government; and

c. Personnel or labor issues including discussions of labor contracts and labor negotiations, consideration or interviews of candidates for employment, and the assignment, appointment, promotion, performance, demotion, or resignation of individuals; and

d. Contractual or other matters involving confidential or proprietary concerns, or the investment of public funds where discussion in public would adversely affect the financial interests of WMATA; and

f. Safety and security matters when premature release would compromise public safety. 

Ayes - 7- Mr. Smedbeg, Ms. Babers, Mr. Goldman, Ms. Kline, Mr. Letourneau, Dr. Loh and Mr. Drummer

The Board Corporate Secretary shall amend the topic(s) as needed to reflect any additional matters discussed. 

II. Additional Agenda Items (if any)