Metrobus Operator - Virtual Hiring Event

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What: Metrobus Operator - Virtual Hiring Event

When: December 2nd 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Where: Virtual

Format: Info Session

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The Student Bus Operators are responsible for attending and successfully completing the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's (WMATA) bus operator training course where they are taught to operate WMATA commercial passenger buses on scheduled routes across the metropolitan area and provide courteous and professional customer service to passengers. The Student learns and adheres to all safety and traffic rules, company regulations, policies, and procedures to ensure the well-being of WMATA customers, employees, public, and themselves. Students must demonstrate their acquired skills and knowledge through the successful passing of examinations and practical demonstrations.

6 Steps -Student Bus Operator /Application & Hiring Process

  1. Attend Metrobus Operator Virtual Hiring Event
  2. Apply online: Metrobus Operator Trainee CDL License/Permit & MOS Job # 211006
  3. Pre-Screen
  4. Online Behavioral Assessment
  5. Background Check & Medical Screening
  6. Student Bus Operator Training Class

To be eligible for the position you must be a licensed driver for a minimum of four (4) or more years

  • Before starting Bus Training, you must possess either a Commercial Driver's License or Learner's Permit with Passenger Bus and Airbrakes endorsement.
  • Your driving record cannot have more than two (2) negative points, no more than one (1) moving violation and no suspension or revocation due to moving violations within the last three (3) years.
  • Commercial Driver's License (must be acquired by the conclusion of the Bus training program).


1. When will I get the results from the applicant assessment?
The Student Metrobus Operator applicant assessment results are provided within two (2) business days of completion. Most typically the results are communicated in person on the same day of assessment.

2. What happens if the results of my applicant assessment are below the desired threshold?
You will be advised that your scores have not met the desired threshold and that you may re-apply and thereafter re-test ninety (90) days from your last assessment date. A new posting of the Metrobus Operator Trainee position is typically posted every three (3) to six (6) months. Note: The system will not allow you to reapply to the same posting to which you previously applied. (i.e. the number for the posting to which you are trying to apply must be different than the one for which you previously applied).

3. When can I re-test?
You are free to reapply and thereafter re-test for the Metrobus Operator Trainee position ninety (90) days from the date of your last assessment. A new posting of the Metrobus Operator trainee position is typically posted every three (3) to six (6) months. Note: The system will not allow you to reapply to the same posting to which you previously applied. (i.e. the number for the posting to which you are trying to apply must be different than the one for which you previously applied).

4. Will I be subject to a background screening?
Yes, once you have accepted a job offer, you will be expected to undergo a background screening. This screening consists of verification of your education, employment and driving record and criminal history evaluation.

5. When in the recruitment process will a background check be run?
The background check applies after you have accepted a job offer.

6. Does Metro have an appeal process if my background check records are in error?
Yes, per Federal law, candidates are provided ten (10) days to dispute the accuracy of background screening records supplied to Metro.

7. When will I get my WMATA DOT Card?
Once you have fully cleared the medical screening process (DOT physical examination and drug and alcohol), you will be issued a DOT card.

8. I already have a DOT card. Do I still have to complete the medical physical?
Yes. Your current DOT card is not valid with WMATA. To obtain a WMATA DOT card, you will need to undergo a drug and alcohol test and the medical physical with WMATA/WMATA's medical vendor.

9. What test do I have to take to obtain the required CDL?
The Department of Motor Vehicles administers the CDL test. To be hired into the Student Metrobus Operator Trainee program you will need to pass the general knowledge, airbrake, and passenger test.

10. Will WMATA help me get my CDL Learner's permit?
WMATA does not provide assistance in obtaining a CDL Learners permit and/or the passenger or airbrake endorsements. However, separate and apart from WMATA some assistance may be possible through the Department of Employment Services for your respective jurisdiction.

11. Will WMATA reimburse me for the cost of the CDL Learner's Permit or renewal?
No. WMATA does not reimburse the cost of the CDL Learner's Permit test or renewal.

12. Does WMATA reimburse me for my travel cost to testing/interview?
WMATA does not reimburse applicants for local travel to or from testing or interview. If you are traveling from outside of the DMV, travel reimbursement may be possible. Please advise your recruiter of your out-of-state travel prior to incurring the cost so that the prospect of reimbursement may be assessed.

13. When will I start in a training class?
The timing in which you will be placed into an upcoming training class after you have satisfied all the pre-employment requirements is dependent on several factors. Once you have been fully cleared for employment with WMATA, your Recruiter will advise you of your start date. Typically, fully cleared candidates can expect a start date within 1 to 2 months from the date of being fully cleared for employment. Please note, if 90 days have passed since the original medical screening and/or 6 months has passed since the background screening, one or both may need to be reinitiated.

14. How long is training? The Student Metrobus Operator training is a nine (9) week program.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Absences during the 1st four (4) weeks are prohibited. All time off must be pre- approved by the Training Supervisor. Absence during training could result in a student being released from training.

15. Can I take time off during training?
Absences from class are not permitted during the first four (4) weeks of training. All time off must be pre-approved by the Training Manager. Absences could result in a student being released from the program.

16. If I already have a CDL, will I have to stay in training for the full 9 weeks?
All trainees must complete the full nine (9) weeks of training.

17. Will WMATA help me get my CDL License?
Yes. During the nine (9) week training, WMATA will accompany you to the Division of Motor Vehicles to take your CDL License test.

18. What happens if I fail the CDL License test?
You will have two opportunities to pass the test. If you do not pass the test on the 2nd attempt, you will be dismissed from class. Your employment with WMATA as a Student Metrobus Operator will be terminated.

19. What is the salary during training?
Metrobus Operator Trainees hired with a CDL Learner's Permit with Air Brake and Passenger endorsements earn a training hourly rate of $18.00. Trainees who, at the time of hire, possess a CDL license with no restrictions earn a training hourly rate of $20.00.

20. How much will I be paid after training?
Upon successfully completing training, you will officially assume the role of Metrobus Operator and your pay will increase to $25.51 per hour.

21. Can I take time off after training?
Once you are assigned to your division, absences from work are not permitted during the first 12 months of employment. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by the Manager. Unapproved or excessive absences could result in termination.

22. What shifts will I work?
During training, work assignments may include both day and night time assignments as well as weekday and weekend assignments. Upon completion of training, you will be placed at the location that has the greatest need. Your shift will be assigned at that time.

23. Can I pick the division/ location where I will work?
The only division/work location that can be picked is Landover division. All other divisions/locations are assigned based on the needs of the organization. Details pertaining to the assignment of work location, shifts and scheduled days-off will be discussed in detailed during training.

24. Can I move up in the organization?
WMATA has many opportunities for employees to advance. Once you have completed training and your 90 days probationary period you can apply to any position that is posted on the WMATA internal employee website (i.e. intranet). Note: The internal job posting process is a competitive one. Your application and resume must clearly demonstrate your qualifications for the role in order to receive consideration.

25. As a Student Metrobus Operator Trainee, will I have benefits?
Your benefits start on the hire date.

26. At what point will I be represented by the union?
Your union seniority and 90-day probationary period will start the Sunday after your graduation date.