Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld's message to employees

Dear Metro Family,

We are writing today to acknowledge what a difficult period this is. We join with many who are feeling the heartache and fatigue from the pandemic, economic anxiety and, now, new viral stories of long-standing racial injustice that are likely too familiar for too many of us. We recognize that this is a painful and alarming time for our colleagues, our families, and our country.

There is no doubt that the realities we face make it very hard to push through each day to provide service and administrative support professionally. Whether you are operating a bus or train, a MTPD officer guarding our system and employees, or videoconferencing about our recovery plan, everyone is playing an important role in Metro’s ability to continue to serve the national capital region with dignity.

We know that many of us are not okay. Building an inclusive community requires that we acknowledge and communicate with each other about how to face these challenges together because we are all experiencing this collective trauma differently. Managers and supervisors please talk with your teams to see what support they need, and we all need to be understanding of our colleagues who are struggling. And for all of us, the Employee Assistance Program is available to provide support.

The region needs us, now more than ever, to keep going even when it feels like too much. It is important that we all remember to put our safety first – both our physical safety and our mental well-being. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Paul J. Wiedefeld
and the Executive Management Team

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