Filming Regulations for Non-News Media Requests

Filming/Photography on Metro Property

Filming is permitted at most Metrorail stations. For safety and privacy reasons, under no circumstances is filming/photography allowed on board in-service buses or railcars. It is important to remember that Metro's primary role is to move people and that our customers come first. We will work with you to determine a time when the impact on the public is minimal.

To discuss your particular needs, please contact Cynthia Jachles in Metro's Office of Real Estate and Station Planning at 202-962-1586 or

Applying for Permission to Film

Submit a permit application form PDF Icon. The following advance notice must be observed with no exceptions:

  • 30 business days for filming on Metro property

Depending on the project, a pre-production meeting may be held at the proposed filming location with you and Metro's filming representative to discuss your plans and how we can accommodate them in accordance with Metro's regulations and safety requirements.

NOTE: All filming or photography permits require insurance coverage.

Safety Guidelines

  1. For safety and privacy reasons, under no circumstances is filming/photography allowed on board in-service buses or railcars. Upon written request, special permission may be granted to board non-service railcars for filming/photography purposes.
  2. It is prohibited to set up or stand on the granite edge of a station platform or to block any escalator, elevator, stairway, fare vendor, faregate or doorway of any rail car.
  3. Film groups must provide sufficient personnel to protect passengers from unsafe conditions created by their presence and equipment and may be required to film with a Metro escort present. In addition, the crew and equipment must be positioned in such a way as not to inconvenience any passenger movement.
  4. Flash photography is not allowed, especially into oncoming transit vehicles (rail or bus).

Filming/Photography Guidelines

  1. Metro will have script approval over the portion of the filming involving Metro stations and/or vehicles. Please include any script pages, synopsis, concepts or storyboards pertaining to Metro with the permit request application. Requests will not be authorized that would suggest to viewers activities that would be in violation of the laws of the signatories; the laws, ordinances, and regulations of the political subdivisions in the transit zone; or the rules and regulations of the Authority.
  2. No filming will take place during weekday hours of 5-9:30 am or 3-7 pm.
  3. Film groups must pay to enter the Metro system.
  4. Film groups must conform to all instructions given them by either Metro's filming representative, station operations or Metro Transit Police personnel at the scene.
  5. The Metro system in general and Metro employees or agents, may not be shown in a disparaging manner in the production.
  6. Filming and/or photography is only allowed in permissible public areas.

Fees will be applied, depending on the scope of the project, the number of transit workers required to assist the production company, the type of equipment appropriate for the production, and the duration of the filming. Payment must be made prior to the scheduled start of filming by certified check, business check or money order, made payable to WMATA. In the event that the costs incurred by Metro exceed the preliminary estimate, such additional costs must be paid within 30 days of billing.

Insurance Coverage

Filming on Metro property requires the following insurance coverage: insurance and workers' compensation documentation and will be determined once the permit application has been submitted.

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