Use of Metro Intellectual Property

Metro protects its intellectual property, such as the sound of the railcar door chimes and voice announcements, Metro's "M" logo, and the SmarTrip® service mark. For example, the "M" logo and SmarTrip® service mark are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and Metro's copyrighted Metrorail system map is registered with the Library of Congress Copyright Office.

Permission/licenses can be granted to use Metro's intellectual property, provided Metro officials approve the proposed use and the requester agrees to comply with stipulated conditions in advance. Regardless of any permit/license granted, Metro retains exclusive ownership of all its intellectual property rights captured in any scenes/photographs subject to the rights granted to the licensee in the approved permit/license.

If permission is granted, licensees must adhere to the following conditions when using Metro's intellectual property:

  1. The registration mark of the intellectual property must be visible.
  2. Credit must be given to Metro for use of the trademark.
  3. Metro shall not be depicted in a negative light.
  4. The licensee must not depict Metro's intellectual property in scenes or photographs of activities that are illegal or unsafe.
  5. Metro may not be depicted in a manner that implies endorsing any product or service.
  6. Metro logos may not be used in any advertisements of a product or service.
  7. The Metrorail map may not be altered in any way.
  8. Scenes filmed or photographs taken at another property cannot use Metro's intellectual property in any way that would violate the permission granted in the permit.
  9. Metro intellectual property may not be used for any purpose other than that which is granted in the permit.

The grant of permission to use Metro's intellectual property is nonexclusive. Also, Metro has the right to revoke permission to use its intellectual property if any of the above conditions are violated.