Replacement of Southeastern Bus Garage

News Update, November 7, 2007

1. Metro has  prepared the following documents as a culmination of its public hearing process  and of its project development:

a. Public Hearing  Staff Report Supplement PDF Icon with final staff recommendations.
b. Final Environmental Assessment PDF Icon 
c. Final General Plans.

d. Final Financial Plan PDF Icon.

Metro staff is  recommending to the Metro Board of Directors that it approve a Phase 1 bus  facility, having capacity for the existing 114 Metrobuses of the Southeastern  Bus Division. The transit police training facility must be postponed until  funding is available.

2. On December 13, 2007, Metro Board of Directors may act to approve the project and amend the  capital and operating budgets for the project. On November 8, 2007, the Board's  Finance, Administration and Oversight Committee will receive a staff  presentation on the recommended action. Then the full Board will  consider that action.

3. Metro had  considered additional funding of the project in order to design and build the  ultimate facility, having capacity for 250 Metrobuses. However, the funding  will remain at $66.9 million from two sale proceeds. This amount will fund the  Phase 1 bus facility for up to 114 Metrobuses.

4. On October 22, 2007,  Mayor  Fenty of the District of Columbia issued a news release to announce that the District had relocated the  family shelters from DC Village. In early October  2007, the District had relocated the distribution center of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program.


Since 1974, Metro has planned to replace the 70-year-old Southeastern Bus Garage at 17 M Street, SW, Washington, DC. A Technical Memorandum (Version 2) presents numerous replacement sites considered in the past but eliminated or not implemented for a variety of reasons.

In January  2007, the Metro Board established a replacement project in order to provide a modern bus facility with adequate  capacity for near- and long-term. Once funded, the  project will include a first-ever Metro transit police training facility,  since training facilities owned by other agencies are becoming less accessible.

The District of Columbia, through its Office of  Property Management and in coordination with Metro, has proposed part of the former  DC Village as the replacement site. The Project Overview  slides show the location and current uses of DC Village and its environs.

In  order to develop the project and to inform fully the public, Metro with the  District have been and will be hosting:

  • Community meetings throughout the project
  • Briefings of Advisory Neighborhood  Commissions
  • Agency coordination  meetings

On  July 10, 2007 Metro held a public hearing on the project in order to receive and consider comments,  suggestions, and alternatives on the Draft Environmental Assessment, proposed  General Plans, and Preliminary Financial Plan of the project.

On October 4, 2007, Metro distributed its  Public Hearing Staff Report with staff recommendations for agency and public  review and comment.

If  you wish to have a speaker discuss the project with your group or community or  to receive our newsletter, please contact Metro at the following:

  Telephone: 202-561-3700