RAC Members

District  of Columbia

  • Katherine Kortum, Chair
  • Valerie Cook

  • Joseph Suh


  • Bob Fogel, Vice-Chair - Montgomery County

  • Rebekah Mason - Montgomery County 
  • Yvette Washington - Prince George's County

  • Wil White - Prince George's County


  • Lorraine Silva, Vice-Chair - Arlington County

  • Debra MacKenzie - Arlington County


  • Colin Reusch - District of Columbia
  • Patrick Sheehan - Accessibility Advisory Committee Representative
  • J. Clarence Flanders, Vice-Chair - District of Columbia

Standing Committees

The RAC has six Standing Committees:

  • Budget and Finance Committee

  • Customer Service Committee

  • Governance Committee

  • Program, Projects and  Planning Committee
  • Safety Committee

  • RAC Leadership 

RAC members will elect chairs of these  committees no later than the second RAC meeting of the calendar year. Standing  Committee Chairs may be reelected for up to three one-year terms. Membership in  Standing Committees shall be open to all members of the RAC, except for the RAC  Leadership Team in which membership is limited to the RAC Chair and Vice  Chairs. All RAC members are encouraged to participate in at least one Standing  Committee per calendar year. Ideally, Committees should represent all of the  major jurisdictions represented by RAC members.

Standing Committees will remain in place  unless eliminated by a two-thirds vote at a regular meeting announced at least  one month in advance of such vote.

Special Committees

The RAC Leadership Team has the authority to  create other Standing Committees and/or Special Committees to address issues  not within the purview of the Standing Committees currently in place. Standing Committees and Special Committees will operate according to the requirements of  the RAC Bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order. In case of conflict, the bylaws  shall take precedence. Special Committees shall expire at the end of the calendar year.

Upon creation of a Standing Committee or a Special Committee, the RAC Chair shall designate an individual to convene its first meeting and conduct the meeting until the Standing Committee or Special Committee selects a Chair from among its membership for approval by the RAC at its next regular meeting.

Membership in Standing Committees shall be open to all members of the RAC.