Automated Vendor Invoicing

Follow the instructions below for preparing and submitting your invoices for payment.

Email: Invoices can be submitted through email: Please submit one invoice and supporting documentation per PDF attachment. You may submit more than one PDF attachment per email.

Fax: Invoices submitted via Fax number 1-866-534-9063. Please submit one invoice and any/all supporting documentation for this invoice per fax.

Regular Mail: This is a new PO Box address for WMATA that is only for the purpose of vendor invoices. Please do not send correspondence to this address, and please update your records accordingly.

WMATA - Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 1910
Beltsville, MD 20704-1910

Invoice Requirements

Each invoice should contain the following information. Failure to comply may result in processing delays or return of the invoice.

  • Vendor Name clearly written and visible; must not only be part of a logo.
  • A unique invoice number for each shipment or service. Do not include punctuation or special characters or reuse any invoice number within 24 months.
  • Invoice Date
  • Payment Terms
  • Total invoice amount
  • Remit To: address/information must be clearly written and visible on each invoice.
  • Purchase Order Number: Purchase Order should be included on every invoice submitted. Below must be in accordance with WMATA awarded PO.
    • Freight Terms - "Ship To" address
    • Description on each item being invoiced. Each invoice must itemize products, materials, supplies, parts, equipment, labor (i.e. installation or services) and list the related cost per item. Technical descriptions and/or model or part numbers (alone) are not sufficient descriptions.
    • Quantity by line item
    • Unit Item Cost
    • Extended Cost by item
    • Total freight/handling costs only when previously approved on WMATA awarded PO
  • Contact: Name and Email Address need to be on each invoice submitted otherwise will be rejected

All supporting documentation for an invoice must be sent with the invoice at the time of invoicing. All service providers/contractors are required to include APPROVED supporting documentation for the services and labor performed (i.e. time sheets including sub-contract/DBE details). Supporting documents must comply with contract terms and conditions. There will be a delay in payment or non-payment if an invoice is received without proper supporting documents when required.


An automated notification feature allows the vendor to track invoices throughout the approval process.

  • Notification 1: Vendor receives notice upon successful submission that the invoice was received. Contact information will be provided in the email if there are additional questions.
  • Notification 2: Notice that the invoice is in the payment process.
  • Notification 3: Notice that the invoice has been approved for payment.
  • Notification 4: Vendor receives this notice only if the invoice has been rejected. The notice will include details for the rejection and specific contact information for resolution of the issue.

If you have any questions on how to submit an invoice via this new process please contact All other inquiries should be sent to