SmartBenefits is Smart for Vanpools

Vanpool, commuter buses and other transit operators can set up a SmartBenefits® Operator account for free. SmartBenefits® participants can then designate their SmartBenefits® to auto pay the transit operator for monthly commuting costs.

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It's Easy to Enroll

1 bullet Apply for a new SmartBenefits® Transit Services Operator Account.
2 bullet Once your application is accepted, log on to the SmartBenefits® Vanpools and Transit Service Operator system and configure your accountPDF Icon.

Once your account is activated, SmartBenefits® participants can select it from a dropdown list in our SmartBenefits® Passenger Allocation System. WMATA will forward their benefits to you each month to pay their fare. "The Allocation Process" section of our Ride With Us PDF Icon guide describes the process from the passenger's perspective.

Have questions? Send an email to our SmartBenefits® account team or call us at 202-962-2784.

Vanpool Operator Resources

Detailed Instructions PDF Icon