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Android users, SmarTrip® for Google Wallet is here, making it possible to use your phone to pay, anywhere SmarTrip is accepted - for the train, on a bus or at a Metro-owned parking lot.

Add a new SmarTrip card in Google Wallet, then quickly purchase stored value to pay-as-you-ride or a monthly pass for unlimited rides. SmarTrip in Google Wallet is available on mobile devices only; Android wearables are not supported.

Pair SmarTrip in Google Wallet with the SmarTrip app to transfer an existing plastic card to your mobile phone and unlock more features of your SmarTrip, including card registration, balance protection and making purchases with your SmartBenefits.

SmarTrip in Google Wallet is available for regular, full fare and Senior travelers.

Add a SmarTrip to your Google Wallet

Android Phone

Make sure you have:

  • Android operating system version 5 or newer
  • NFC capable phone
  • Google Wallet googleWallet_icon
  • Credit Card in Google Wallet
  1. Open Google Wallet googleWallet_icon
  2. Select "Add to Wallet" and then "Transit Pass" and then SmarTrip Washington D.C.
  3. Select "Add Money" then enter desired "Amount to Load" ($4 minimum)

Transfer your plastic SmarTrip card to Google Wallet

  1. Open your SmarTrip app and log in
  2. Choose the card you wish to transfer, then tap "Transfer Card to Google Wallet"
  3. Hold your SmarTrip card to the back of your Android phone
  4. Tap the "Save to phone" button
  5. Your SmarTrip card is now available in Google Wallet

Add value or a pass in Google Wallet

  1. Open the Google Wallet app
  2. Tap your card, then find your SmarTrip
  3. Tap "Add money or pass"
  4. Choose to "Add money" or "Add a pass" and decide the value or pass to add
  5. Review and confirm your purchase

SmarTrip in Google Wallet is available at all 98 Metrorail stations in DC, Maryland and Virginia, all Metro parking garages and lots, all Metrobus routes, and all regional bus providers including ART, DASH, Fairfax Connector, CUE, RideOn, THE Bus, DC Circulator, Loudoun County Transit, and OmniRide.

There are 3 ways to add a SmarTrip card to your Android phone.

  1. Use Google Wallet to buy a new SmarTrip.
  2. Use the SmarTrip app to buy a new SmarTrip card.
  3. Transfer an existing registered plastic SmarTrip card to Google Wallet using the SmarTrip app.
You cannot pay a fare using the SmarTrip app alone; you will first need to add SmarTrip to Google Wallet. Please note that if Samsung Pay is set as your default payment service, you will need to change the default to Google Wallet in order to wake, tap, and pay. Otherwise, you will need to open the Google Wallet app every time you wish to use SmarTrip to pay your fare.

To use SmarTrip in Google Wallet, an Android phone must be NFC capable and have Android OS version 5 or newer. To use the SmarTrip app, an Android phone must have Android OS version 9 or newer.

Once you transfer your physical card to Google Wallet, the physical card will be disabled and will no longer work.

Download the SmarTrip App

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