Bus, Bus Facilities and Paratransit Investments

Metrobus provides 120 million trips each year, with a fleet of over 1,500 buses serving more than 10,000 bus stops across the region. MetroAccess is a shared-ride, door-to-door paratransit service for people whose disability prevents them from using bus or rail. With a fleet of more than 700 paratransit vehicles, the service provides over 2 million trips each year. In Fiscal Year 2022, we're planning to invest $294 million in bus and paratransit projects. These investments are organized into four subcategories:

  • New vehicle acquisition, including various types of buses (such as a zero-emissions bus pilot) and MetroAccess vans/sedans
  • Maintenance and overhaul activities, including ongoing preventive maintenance and rehab work that will keep bus service safe and reliable
  • Maintenance facilities, including bus garage replacements and upgrades
  • Passenger facilities and systems, including bus facility improvements, historic bus terminal rehabilitation and real-time bus data feed development
Here are a few featured projects:

Zero-Emission Buses

Metro is transitioning to a 100% zero-emission bus fleet to improve regional air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide customers with a quieter, comfier ride. This will require a phased approach that gets Metro to a fully zero-emission fleet of more than 1,500 buses by 2045. Read more.
Metrobus at Greenbelt Station

New Bus Garages

Many of our bus garages are old, including one originally built over a century ago to house streetcars. We plan to replace the Northern Bus Garage & Bladensburg Bus Garage in the coming years, which will help improve maintenance efficiencies and employee safety.
Northern Bus Garage Exterior

New MetroAccess Vehicles

The MetroAccess fleet of 750 paratransit vehicles delivers more than 2 million trips each year. The capital program invests in new, modern vehicles to keep the average fleet age less than four years old.
MetroAccess Van

DC Historic Bus Terminals Rehab

This project will fully rehabilitate three historic bus terminals in DC while maintaining the historic integrity of the buildings. The renovated terminals will provide improved restroom facilities for bus operators and employees, wider bus stops and improved canopies for the public, and overall safer facilities that comply with ADA guidelines. Read more.
Calvert Street Bus Facility