Business and Operations Support Investments

Business support investments encompass a wide variety of projects and programs that support Metro's operations and capital program. In Fiscal Year 2022, we're planning to invest $546 million in business support. These investments are organized into three subcategories:

  • Support equipment and services, including Metro's office consolidation plan and installation of new digital displays at high-traffic stations, among other projects
  • Information technology, including projects that improve internal operations and the overall customer experience
  • Metro Transit Police Department facilities and projects, including construction of a District III substation to offer faster response times across the transit system
Here are a few featured projects:

Support Equipment and Services

The largest project in this category is Metro's office consolidation plan, which will reduce the number of office buildings from 10 to four and save the region millions.

Metro HQ Conceptual Rendering

Information Technology

Metro's IT investments improve internal operations and the overall customer experience. These investments include developing a new Passenger Information Displays Systems (PIDS) prototype, ensuring real-time train info is accurate and available for customers. As part of the office consolidation plan, we'll also construct a new data center to replace the existing one at the current headquarters.
New PIDS Screen