Stations and Passenger Facilities Investments

Metro has 91 rail stations and operates 617 escalators, the largest escalator fleet in North America. These investments include platforms and structures, vertical transportation (elevators/escalators), and station systems. In Fiscal Year 2022, we're planning to invest $792 million in stations and passenger facilities. These investments are organized into three subcategories: 

  • Platforms and structures, including the multiyear Platform Improvement Project to rebuild deteriorating platforms at 20 outdoor stations and introduce new customer experience improvements
  • Vertical transportation, including rehabilitation, replacement, overhaul and scheduled maintenance of Metro's 618 escalators and 322 elevators
  • Station systems, including lighting, station cooling systems, drainage pumping stations and fire/life safety infrastructure
Here are a few featured projects:

Platform Improvement Project

As part of this multiyear project, we're rebuilding deteriorating platforms at 20 outdoor Metrorail stations to improve safety and accessibility. Read more.

Platform Improvement Project Demolition

Lighting Upgrades

In August 2020, we finished replacing existing lighting at all 48 underground Metro stations with brighter, more sustainable LED lighting. The new lighting infrastructure improves visibility and enhances safety and security, all while cutting energy use and reducing ongoing maintenance requirements. Read more.

New Station Lighting at Judiciary Square Station

Elevators and Escalators

With 617 units, Metro owns, operates and maintains the largest escalator fleet in North America, requiring consistent investment to remain in a state of good repair. We're planning to completely replace and restore 130 of the oldest and least escalators in the system over the next few years, spread out at 32 stations across the region. Read more.
Escalator Construction at Judiciary Square Station

Parking Projects

More than 46,000 daily customers park in Metro's surface lots and garages before riding Metrorail or Metrobus to their destination. Metro's parking projects include resurfacing surface parking lots, implementing improvements to parking garages and undertaking a parking preventive maintenance program. Read more.
Park and Ride entrance at Greenbelt Station