Track and Structures Rehabilitation Investments

As one of the largest heavy rail transit systems in the United States, Metro has a total of 118 miles of track, including 51 subway miles, 58 surface miles and nine elevated miles. With more than 600,000 daily trips, continued tracks and structure investments are required to ensure continued safe operations and keep these assets in a state of good repair. In Fiscal Year 2022, we're planning to invest $343 million in track and structures. These investments are organized into two subcategories, detailed below.

Track Infrastructure

The safety and reliability of Metro's rail system relies heavily on an effective track infrastructure program. These investments maintain and improve the tracks by replacing deteriorated rail ties, steel rail and other rail components; stabilizing and tamping the track to ensure track alignment; and improving the electrical and signal conductivity of running rail.

Track work


Metro trains operate through deep underground tunnels as well as large above-ground aerial structures, both of which have distinct maintenance needs. Programs include efforts to prevent water leaks in the underground tunnels from deteriorating the rail and electrical system, tunnel ventilation improvements, and rehabilitation to aerial structures and bridges, such as the Rockville Canopy Replacement Project.

Train crossing over bridge structure