Capital Program Investments

Platform Improvement Project Construction

Railcars and Railcar Facilities

Metro operates over 1,200 railcars, more than half of which are new 7000-series railcars. Railcar investments are organized into three subcategories: railcar acquisition, maintenance and overhaul work, and facility upgrades and improvements.

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7000-series train 800x450

Rail Systems

While these investments are more "behind the scenes" than other aspects of Metro, they play a major role in keeping Metrorail service safe and reliable. Rail systems investments are organized into two subcategories: signals and communications and propulsion (power) system.

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Metrorail signal

Track and Structures Rehabilitation

As one of the largest heavy rail transit systems in the United States, Metro has a total of 118 miles of track, including 51 subway miles, 58 surface miles and nine elevated miles. These investments also include aerial structures like bridges.

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Outdoor track work

Stations and Passenger Facilities

Metro has 91 rail stations and operates the largest escalator fleet in North America. These investments include platforms and structures, vertical transportation (elevators/escalators), and station systems.

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New Station Platform with Digital Screens

Bus, Bus Facilities and Paratransit

Metrobus operates a fleet of over 1,500 buses and MetroAccess operates a fleet of more than 700 paratransit vehicles. These investments include vehicle acquisition, maintenance/overhaul work, maintenance facilities, and passenger facilities/systems. 

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Metrobuses at Andrews Federal Bus Division

Business and Operations Support

These investments include support equipment and services, information technology, and Metro Transit Police Department facilities and projects. Example projects include new digital displays and Metro's office consolidation plan, which will reduce the number of office buildings and save the region millions.

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Metrorail platform with customers and new digital screens