Better Bus Better Names

Better Bus Better Names
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Time for New Route Names

As part of our work to create a Better Bus, Metro is modernizing the Metrobus experience for our customers by standardizing stops and shelters, making connections across all transit providers easier, and developing a simpler route naming system as part of a customer-focused bus network.

Our region needs more consistency across all facets of bus stop design including signage and real-time information, accessibility, light and other safety elements, plus modernized shelters, seating, and other amenities. Long term, engaging our region collaboratively will help make a better transportation system for us all.

And, what a perfect time to update our bus route names! Customers have told us that our bus route numbers can be confusing - and we agree. Metro hasn't updated bus route numbers since 1973 when we took over operations of all the region's private bus companies - including streetcar operators. For example, did you know that many of the numbers on bus routes were originally assigned to streetcar routes? Learn more about the history of our bus route names in the Greater Greater Washington "8W? 30N? U7? How Metrobus Numbers Came to Be" article by DW Rowlands and David Alpert.

Benefits For Our Customers


We're putting our customers at the forefront as we develop new bus route names. We've studied peer transit agencies and conducted customer research to develop draft route names that are more intuitive and easier to understand. With these new route names, you'll find navigating the Metrobus system smoother and more effortless.

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