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What is the Better Bus initiative and network redesign?

Better Bus is Metro's overarching initiative to improve Metrobus for the region. In the coming years, Better Bus will mean a lot of things for the region, including new facilities, bus electrification, improved bus communications, and more bus lanes and transit signals. Metro has launched the network redesign as a critical piece of Better Bus. For the first time in decades, we're taking a fresh and detailed look at our bus service with the goal of serving our customers and the region better. We're working to create a Better Bus network that is fast, frequent, reliable, and easier to understand. The new bus network will take more people where they want to go, when they want to travel.

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Bus Stop and Shelter Improvements Priority Lanes and Signals Zero-emissions
The Better Bus includes a network redesign, Bus Stop and Shelter Improvements, Customer Info 2.0, electrification, facilities modernization, and priority lanes and signals.

Why Now Hourglass

Why Now

The bus network we have now was designed to serve a very different DMV. Our region keeps growing and changing, but the bus network hasn't kept up. We need to realign service with where customers want to go and when they want to travel. We need to increase access to frequent service and make the system easier to use. Why now? Why not!

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How Will We Get There

The path to a Better Bus Network combines customer input with data about our current service and about the demand for transit. The redesign process will tackle questions like "Where should buses go?" "How frequently?" and "Should there be more early, late night, or weekend service?" We will create two proposed networks-one that we can start using right away and one that is a long-term vision. And starting 2024, we will begin to roll out your new network!

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How will we get there gears

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It Starts With You

We need your help to create a Better Bus network. Tell us what works for you and what needs to be better. We will use your feedback to set goals, explore a Visionary Network, and ultimately, create a network that is easier to use and better aligned with where and when people want to travel.

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About the Project

About The Project

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Share Your Input

Share Your Input

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