Faregate Retrofit Project

We’re taking action.

We’ve heard your concerns about fare evasion and over the next year we plan to install more secure faregates. Fare evasion accounts for approximately $40 million in estimated revenue loss each year and we are committed to minimizing that loss and investing those funds in the safety and reliability of our service.

In addition to our "Pay the Fare" warning campaign in fall 2022, we continue to advance numerous efforts to reduce non-payment, including communication, education, issuing citations, and faregate modification.

Fare System Modernization Swing-door-style barrier to deter passengers from climbing over barriers

Pilot Program at Fort Totten Station

Fort Totten was chosen as a test location for multiple reasons, including its high rate of fare evasion and its ability to accommodate additional faregates without compromising the footprint of the station. A number of prototype faregates, including one ADA gate with swing gates, have been tested.

What’s next

Ten additional Metrorail stations have been identified as the next part of the process starting with Pentagon City. Installation began in July and is expected to be completed at all ten stations by early fall.

Faregate Retrofit Project

Additional stations include:

  • Bethesda
  • Mt Vernon Sq
  • Congress Heights
  • Federal Center SW
  • Vienna
  • Addison Rd
  • Wheaton
  • Court House

Following the completion of the first 10 stations, Metro plans to retrofit faregates across the Metro system over the next year.

Check back to learn more about our efforts to make your Metro experience better.