2023 Metrobus Farebox Replacement Project

We're improving and modernizing your experience.

New fareboxes with separate SmarTrip card reader

We're excited to upgrade all of our Metrobus fareboxes among the entire fleet-that's 1,600 buses that service 11,500 bus stops across DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Over the next year, customers will see new fareboxes and separate SmarTrip® card readers that will:

  • Process coins and bills faster
  • Have larger, brighter, and full color display for better visibility
  • Be more reliable due to upgrades in technology
  • To minimize impacts to your commute, installations will take place only on buses that are out of service.

New Way to Add Value to your SmarTrip Card

There's a new way to add money to your SmarTrip Card-and you can also check your balance!

To add money to a SmarTrip® card:

  1. Press +
  2. Tap SmarTrip® card to reader
  3. Insert $/¢
  4. After adding $/¢ press O
  5. Tap SmarTrip® card to reader again

Bills, coins, and approved tokens continue to be accepted at the farebox.


June 2023 Farebox Installations begin
July-October 2023 New fareboxes installed on 25% of Metrobuses
Winter 2023/2024 New fareboxes installed on 50% of Metrobuses
Summer 2024 Installation complete
*All dates are tentative and subject to change.