Current Initiatives and Reports

Current Initiatives

  • Energy Action Plan: The Plan is helping Metro reach environmental goals through increased energy efficiency and is generating long-term cost savings to ensure responsible stewardship of the region's dedicated funding.
  • Zero-Emission Bus: Metro is transitioning to a 100% zero-emission bus fleet by 2045. This will improve regional air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide customers with a quieter, comfier ride.
  • Solar Carports: In 2020, Metro negotiated a lease agreement to install approx. 10 MW of solar photovoltaic power at four Metrorail stations in Maryland and DC.
  • Climate Bonds: Our first Certified Climate Bonds will support our planned capital investments in clean energy, energy efficiency, and climate resiliency.
  • Equity at Metro: The communities we serve are stronger and healthier when everyone has access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable transportation. Metro has renewed its focus on advancing transit and social equity across our business.
  • Bus Transformation Project: The Bus Transformation Project is a plan to transform bus in the Washington region and improve service and customer experience, creating a more cohesive system that works for riders.

Annual Sustainability Reports

Other Documents