Our Sustainability Vision

Our Sustainability Vision

On Thursday, June 24, 2021, the Metro Board of Directors adopted a sustainability vision and principles and zero emission vehicle goals demonstrating Metro's commitment to provide a sustainable transportation system to the region.

Our commitment means we plan, partner, design, build, operate and maintain transit infrastructure to meet our current needs without compromising the future needs of the DMV. We continually integrate the principles of sustainability in all aspects of decision making and execution. This includes seeking out and implementing innovative solutions to improve air quality, protect natural resources, reduce waste and create connected communities.

Sustainability Vision:

Metro provides a sustainable transportation system that meets the needs of people, communities, and businesses in the region, and fosters social wellbeing, equity, economic prosperity, and environmental stewardship.

Sustainability Principles:

  • Develop and Implement an action plan with specific priorities, strategies, and targets to advance sustainability at Metro and in the region
  • Recognize that our investments and operational decisions change lives. Make those decisions intentionally to address historical, social, environmental, and economic disparities and racial and social injustice
  • Build, operate, and maintain a resilient transportation system to improve livability, the environment, equity, and access to opportunity
  • Leverage the special nature of Metro's service and our unique market position to advance regional goals
  • Make cost-effective and data-driven business decisions that provide Metro and its partners with the best return on its investment
  • Advance the region's efforts through leading transparent and authentic collaboration with stakeholders and community partners
  • Foster a culture of sustainability and continual improvement through growing staff capacity and leveraging regional expertise and innovation
  • Establish measurable performance indicators to track implementation and successes of Metro's strategies and actions