Zero-Emission Bus Update

4 Mile Run Garage

Metro is engaging in zero-emission fleet planning to enable a clean and sustainable region, control operating costs and improve the customer experience.

Building upon the efforts of Metro's first-ever Energy Action Plan, released in 2019, and the Washington Area Bus Transformation Project, this document lays out the opportunities that zero-emission bus transportation offers the region, reviews actions Metro has already initiated and considers the market, infrastructure and policy prerequisites for success.

Metro cannot achieve the transition to a zero-emission bus fleet alone. Required actions for the region include:

  1. Energy Infrastructure Investments - Identify, fund and build utility infrastructure required to operate service
  2. Policies & Rate Structures - Establish regional policies and energy rate structures
  3. Funding for Zero-Emission Buses & Facility Conversion - Increase funding to replace the existing fleet with cleaner buses

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