WMATA's Transparency & Internal Accountability

Metro | Quality Assurance, Internal Compliance & Oversight (QICO)

Enhancing Transparency, Accountability and Public Confidence
The Department of Quality Assurance, Internal Compliance & Oversight (QICO) is an internal management function, working together with internal departments to provide objective review of WMATA's operational processes and assets; promoting the implementation of internal Corrective and Preventive Actions (iCAPAs) that drive compliance with internal and external regulatory requirements; furthering quality improvement initiatives that are data driven and results-centric with the objective of safeguarding the mission success of the agency while enhancing the customer experience.

QICO was established in 2015 as an internal management function to centralize Metro's internal and regulatory compliance, creating an objective organizational resource to promote transparency and accountability across the agency. Since QICO's inception, WMATA has successfully worked to complete Internal Reviews of Metro's transit and business operation functions, and closeout of regulatory Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) and internal Corrective and Preventive Plans (iCAPAs) promoting execution and delivery of management priorities and commitments.  Regulatory agencies that may issue CAPs to WMATA include the National Transportation Safety Board, the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission, and the Federal Transit Administration.