Innovation Center

Herndon, VA

  • silver Line

Directions to/from the station


  • Daily:
    • None
  • Metered Spaces:
    • None
  • Reserved Parking:
    • None


  • Bike Racks: 177
  • Lockers: 10
  • Bikesharing: No

Bus Maps:


  • Not Available
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Platforms at this station

There are 1 platforms at this station:
S Line

The silver are center platforms.

Learn more about center-platforms for accessibility

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Innovation Center
Line Cars Destination Minutes
Line Cars Destination Minutes

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Station Notes

Center for Innovative Technology, Dulles Greene Cricket Ground, hotels, residential options, Dulles Station Community Park

Parking: Parking for approximately 2,000 cars in a garage on the south side of the station. No reserved or multi-day parking. Future EV charging stations planned
Fee: $4.95

Station Times

Station will open 10 minutes before the first train arrives.

Rail Lines Mon-Fri    Sat   Sun
Silver Line Ashburn 6:02 AM 8:02 AM 8:02 AM
Silver Line Downtown Largo 5:14 AM 7:14 AM 7:14 AM
Rail Lines Mon-Thu   Fri    Sat   Sun
Silver Line Ashburn 1:00 AM
2:00 AM
2:00 AM
1:00 AM
Silver Line Downtown Largo 10:57 PM
11:57 PM
11:57 PM
10:57 PM