Making improvements to more than just the platforms under your feet

As part of the Platform Improvement Project, with each completed station you'll find safer and more accessible platforms, along with an enhanced station experience that will bring a higher level of safety, convenience and communication.

New safety features include slip-resistant tiles, brighter LED canopy lighting and lighted handrails on stairs. In addition, stations will have new platform surveillance systems (CCTV) and operator-connected safety call buttons that will provide a direct contact with station managers and the operations control center

Stations will have new stainless-steel platform shelters conveniently equipped with charging ports, new Passenger Information Displays (PIDS) with larger 55-inch screens, and new platform intercom speakers for clearer public announcements and emergency notifications. Below are some highlights of the improvements being made at the six stations. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a complete list of improvements.

Slip-resistant tile

Stations will feature new hexagonal tiles that are slip-resistant and match the original station tile design. These new tiles are being placed throughout the stations – on the platforms and in the mezzanines. The tiles are produced through a process called wire-cutting, which provides better traction in wet conditions.
Slip-resistant tiles

New platform shelters

Stainless-steel platform shelters equipped with charging ports are also being installed. Each shelter will have new windscreens to provide protection from the elements. The digital displays will replace static maps and have the capability to display dynamic content such as service alerts, important messages and emergency information, if needed.
New platform shelter


The Passenger Information Display Screens (PIDS) that scroll through next arriving trains, service alerts and other announcements are being upgraded to 55-inch screens. There will also be twice as many on each platform, making them more visible from more areas on the platform.
Passenger Information Displays (PIDS)

Full list of customer experience improvements

  • Slip-resistant tiles on platforms and mezzanines
  • New stainless-steel platform shelters with digital displays and USB charging ports
  • Upgraded passenger information displays (PIDs) 
  • Improved platform speakers and PA system equipment
  • New canopy roofing/skylights
  • Refinished and new ceiling panels
  • New platform surveillance system (CCTV) to enhance customer safety
  • New passenger call button to directly contact station managers and operation control center
  • Brighter, energy efficient LED lighting and lighted handrails
  • New trash and recycling cans
  • Station cleaning and painting
  • Renovated bathrooms
  • Concrete repairs
  • Fire/life/safety enhancements
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