December 2021 Metrobus Service Changes

Advisory Effective: 12/26/21 - 2/28/22

Updated: December 17, 2021 at 1:56pm

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Metro is making schedule changes to 49 Metrobus routes on December 26, 2021, to improve service reliability. In addition, Metro is also making several route changes, bus stop relocations and suspending one route.

Schedule Changes

The following routes will have schedule changes on December 26, 2021: 

District of Columbia

33, 42, 43, 54, 62, 80, A31, A32, A33, B2, D8, H6, H8, M4, N2, N4, P6, U5, U6, W2, W3, W4, W45, W47, X2


83, 86, C2, C4, C8, D12, J2, Q1, Q4, T14, Y2, Y7, Y8


1B, 7A, 10A, 11C, 16G, 16H, 22F, 23B, 28F, 29G, REX

Most schedule changes are approximately eight minutes or less. The schedules for routes 22F and 28F will change by 10 minutes, and buses will operate every 30 minutes instead of every 20 minutes.

Route Changes

In Virginia, Route 3Y will operate between McPherson Square and East Falls Church Metrorail Stations. Service will no longer begin/end at Virginia Hospital Center.

A new route, Route 3F, will operate between Farragut Square and East Falls Church Metrorail Station during rush hours. The route will operate westbound during the morning rush hour and eastbound during the afternoon rush hour. 

Service Suspensions

Service on Route K9 will be suspended. Metro intends to reinstate this route. Alternate service is available for Route K9 customers on the following routes:

  • Route C8 at FDA Federal Research Center (Mahan Road) 
  • Route K6 along New Hampshire Avenue and at Fort Totten Metrorail Station 

Bus Stop Relocations

  • At Minnesota Avenue Metrorail Station, the bus stop for southbound Route U7 buses will be relocated to improve the customer experience. Southbound Route U7 buses will relocate to Bus Bay N (stop ID# 1003833) at the same stop where customers can board other routes in the direction of Minnesota Avenue and Ridge Road SE. Northbound buses to Deanwood will continue to serve Bus Bay M (stop ID# 1003304).
  • In Maryland, Route D14 will no longer serve the Wilson Bridge Drive stop (stop ID# 3000255) due to an adjacent Maryland State Highway Administration construction project. Buses will serve a new stop near Wilson Towers Apartments (stop ID# 3004377), accessible via Kirby Hill Road.
  • Note: The implementation date for this change is contingent upon the Maryland State Highway Administration road reconfiguration. This bus stop relocation will happen in early 2022. Check back and sign up for alerts for updates on this bus stop relocation. 


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