Train Prediction Improvements

Beginning Sunday, October 8, 2017, you will notice changes on the Passenger Information Display Signs (PIDS) at stations and predictions displayed on

Unknown prediction ETAs will now show "DLY" rather than blank

Despite the connotation, this does not necessarily mean the train is delayed, just that the train prediction system is unable to predict the arrival time confidently due to trains holding longer than two minutes, trains waiting to begin trips, or during single tracking.


Terminal and end-of-line station improvements

Customers at stations down-stream of terminal stations may see more instances of "-" for number of cars when the system is unable to determine the next train on the platform getting ready to depart. This value will change to its correct numeric value as soon as the system detects the number of cars of the train servicing the trip.

Improved single tracking predictions

The PIDS will now more accurately display trains servicing the platform during single tracking, including trains traveling in the opposite direction or "on the wrong track".

These are the major improvements set to debut.  In addition, general improvements like fewer instances of unknown trains and fewer blank predictions across the system are also designed into this software upgrade.