• What is a SmarTrip® Card?

    What Is a SmarTrip® Card?

    A SmarTrip® card is a permanent, rechargeable card used to pay Metrorail and local bus system fares. It's plastic, like a credit card, and is embedded with a special computer chip that keeps track of the value of the card.

    Using a SmarTrip® card is fast and easy. You simply touch the SmarTrip® card to the circular targets on top of or inside station faregates. Likewise, you can tap the SmarTrip® farebox on Metrobus to pay your fare with SmarTrip®.

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    Creating or Managing a SmarTrip® Account

    With an online SmarTrip® account, it's easy to:

  • SmarTrip® Card Benefits

    SmarTrip® Card Benefits

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    Purchasing a SmarTrip® Card

    It's easy to buy a SmarTrip® card. Purchase your card online with any major credit or debit card.

    You can also purchase a SmarTrip® card at any Metrorail station or at Metro sales offices, retail outlets and commuter stores.

    A reduced fare SmarTrip® card is available for senior citizens and people with disabilities. To purchase a Senior SmarTrip® card, you must provide proof of age. People with disabilities must submit a completed Reduced Fare Program Application or valid Medicare card with photo ID to the Transit Accessibility Center at 600 5th St NW, Washington, DC 20001.

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    Using the MTA CharmCard® on SmarTrip®

    The CharmCard® is a rechargeable fare card issued by the Maryland Transit Administration. CharmCard®CharmCard® users may use the web services offered on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority website to manage aspects of their card. CharmCard® users can follow the links below to:

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Use your SmarTrip® card to get discounts at participating museums, restaurants and stores around the Metro service area. View the Deals & Discounts program.

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