Board of Directors Meeting - December 8, 2022

Type of event: Board/Committee Meeting

Thursday December 8, 2022

11:30 AM

Committee Name: Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Agenda for December 8, 2022

I. Call to Order/Roll Call – Ms. Ellison

II. Approval of Agenda – Mr. Smedberg

III. Approval of Minutes – Mr. Smedberg
B. November 17, 2022 Executive Session
C. December 2, 2022 Executive Session

IV. Employee Spotlight
- Bus Operator Recruitment Team
- Steve Boney, Talent Acquisition Manager, Recruitment 
- Derrick Boone, Bus Training and Safety Instructor 
- Elmer Coppage, Director, Bus Training 
- Keith Winston, Bus Operator/LPI 
- 7000 Series Team
- Ryan Beebe, Director of Safety Investigations
- Dartagna Cheek, Interlocking Operator 
- Shaun Goddard, Sr. Management Analyst 
- Marvin Gray, Line Director 
- Earl Harper, Assistant General Superintendent 
- Diane Holland, Project Manager 
- Jayme Johnson, Vice-President and Assistant Chief Safety Officer
- Rachel Lesniak, Manager, Strategic Initiatives 
- Justin Nunez, Service Delivery Lead 
- Shushil Ramnaress, Acting VP and Chief Mechanical Office
- David Sauter, Lead Engineer

V. Public Comment – Mr. Smedberg

VII. Report by Riders' Advisory Council – Mr. Meyer

VIII. Report by Chair – Mr. Smedberg

IX. Report by General Manager – Mr. Clarke

X. Consent Items – Mr. Smedberg

XI. Reports by
NVTC – Mr. Smedberg
D.C. – Ms. Babers
WSTC – Mr. Ports
Federal Government – Ms. Kline

XII. Adjournment