Elevators and Escalators

Metro's elevators and escalators provide access to the transit system's many underground stations and to station platforms. Metro has the most elevators (278 in stations and parking garages) and escalators (618) of any transit system in North America.

Plan Your Trip

  • View the Service Status page to find out if there is an elevator or escalator out of service at a Metrorail station you will be visiting today, why repairs are needed, and when the unit is expected to be back in service. Take note of the location within the station so you can plan accordingly. Elevator and escalator status information also can be found on the individual station pages.
  • For Metro riders who rely on elevators, sign up for ELstat, Metro's elevator status application, to receive advance alerts of scheduled elevator outages. In the event of an elevator outage that prevents a rider from exiting at his/her preferred station, ask the station manager for shuttle service to that station. Use these tips to circumvent out-of-service elevators via center-platform stations.
  • While in a Metro station, listen for public address announcements about elevator and escalator outages and check station platform displays for more information.

Ride Safely

Learn safety tips to prevent injury in an elevator or on a Metro escalator and what to do in the event of an emergency.

  • To ensure your safety and the safety of your fellow riders, read these tips for traveling on Metro elevators and escalators.
  • In an elevator, use the provided phone or intercom system to reach assistance. In the event of a fire, use an escalator or stairs; do not use the elevator.
  • In the event of an escalator emergency, push the emergency stop buttons at the top or bottom of the escalator. The escalator will stop and an alarm will sound. Signs on the escalator explain the use of these buttons and warn against misuse.
  • For more information on elevator and escalator safety, view websites for children and adults, sponsored by the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation.

Learn About Metro's Maintenance Program

Each elevator and escalator is made up of thousands of parts and requires ongoing maintenance to continue working properly.

  • While every attempt is made to keep elevators and escalators in service while Metrorail is open, some units must be repaired during the day. See reasons why units go out of service.
  • Metro is working to improve its elevator and escalator performance. The Scorecard provides a system-wide perspective of elevator and escalator availability (updated monthly), including why performance changed and actions to improve performance.

Elevator/Escalator Facts

  • Metro's longest elevators (196 feet) are located at the Forest Glen station.
  • Metro's longest escalator is at the Wheaton station (230 feet).
  • Stations with the most escalators are Metro's busiest: L'Enfant Plaza (31), Gallery Pl-Chinatown (30) and Metro Center (25).