Adjacent Construction Program

On Tuesday, July 16th 2024, at 1:00 PM EST, JDAC will be hosting a webinar and workshop session for the Owner/Developer/Contractor (ODC) community on the JDAC program and the JDAC project process. This webinar is open to all ODCs who would like to attend. Please contact for the registration information.


The WMATA Office of Joint Development and Adjacent Construction (JDAC) reviews projects adjacent to, on, over, or under WMATA Metrorail and Metrobus property, facilities, and operations to ensure that:

  • WMATA facilities and operations are not impacted during and after the proposed project construction.
  • WMATA station capacity is not impacted by the ridership generated by these projects.
  • Facilities being built for WMATA to own, operate, and maintain comply with WMATA Design Criteria, Administrative and Standard Specifications, Standard Drawings, Design Drawings, and the Adjacent Construction Project Manual (ACPM).

To Determine Your Project’s Impact to WMATA:

  • Please email project introduction and supporting documents directly to

  • WMATA will respond with acknowledgement of the inquiry within seven (7) to ten (10) business days.
  • WMATA will respond, within a minimum of thirty (30) business days, with the following:
    • If WMATA determines no impact, a no impact letter will be sent.
    • If WMATA determines impact the project will move to an impact analysis and be assigned to a JDAC Construction Engineer (CE). The CE will reach out to the Owner, Developer, Contractor (ODC) to determine if additional information is required. Once WMATA has all required information and has evaluated extent of impact, an introductory meeting can be scheduled.
  • Allow a minimum of thirty (30) business days for review provided the following items are submitted:
    • A short, detailed narrative about the proposed project including scope of work, any unusual conditions and proximity to WMATA.
    • A site plan showing the proposed project with WMATA's facilities and any nearby cross streets.
    • A GIS map of proposed project location and full address of the project.
    • A Zone of Influence (ZOI) sketch in accordance with Adjacent Construction Project Manual. (ACPM)
    • Contact name, email address, telephone number, address for a letter response and any additional information that may assist us with this review process.

For Matters Related to Projects Already Established with JDAC:

For As-built Document Requests:

Adjacent Construction Project Manual (ACPM):

  • In December 2023, JDAC published the latest revision (Revision 6) to the Adjacent Construction Project Manual (ACPM). The ACPM outlines the requirements for projects adjacent to and/or impacting WMATA's facilities.
  • The JDAC Flowchart and Design & Coordination Checklist, included in the ACPM Revision 6, may be downloaded for use as standalone, full-resolution documents at the below links.
  • If you were familiar with the previous revision (Revision 5a) of the ACPM, and would like to better understand the changes from Revision 5a to Revision 6, please refer to the Revision 6 Changelog.