Metro Transit Police Department

Ronald A. Pavlik Jr. Ronald A. Pavlik, Jr.
Chief, Metro Transit Police

A Letter from the Chief of Police

To our community:

The Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD) is protecting and serving transit customers and employees by embracing modern policing through reforms that incorporate best practices in law enforcement and community outreach that fosters public trust.

We created an Internal Oversight and Youth Services Bureau (IOYSB) to oversee the MTPD’s increased role with youth in the region, improve recruiting and screening of police applicants, and the department’s strategic planning.  Within the IOYSB, the MTPD created a Youth Services Unit to provide more specialization and consistency when engaging with young people in our system and local schools.  Also under the IOYSB is the Office of Strategic Planning, which is updating our Standard Operating Procedures, General Orders, and Procedures Manual.

We are also closely collaborating with labor leaders to focus on police reform through five committees: Officer Performance Evaluation; Fourth Amendment Stop and Frisk Training; Conflict Resolution De-escalation Training; Ethical Training and Peer Support; and Recruitment of Minorities.

We also appreciate the leadership of Metro’s Board of Directors in creating the MTPD Investigations Review Panel, an independent advisory body that consists of seven members to review and submit recommendations to me on changes to policing and training – all in an effort to improve the integrity of investigations, transparency, and the thoroughness and fairness of the process, consistent with best practices in law enforcement.

MTPD Chief's signature
Ronald A. Pavlik Jr.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Metro Transit Police Department is to protect Metro patrons, personnel, transit facilities, and revenue by providing law enforcement and public safety services.

Vision Statement

The Metro Transit Police will protect and serve our customers and employees with dignity and respect, through innovative ideas, new technologies, teamwork, integrity, a commitment to our mission, and the oath of office.