Metro Performance Scorecard

Fiscal Year 2023 Q1-Q3

See the quarterly Metro Performance Report (FY2023 Q1-Q3) for a full review of measures and results. Please also refer to the "Performance" section of our Public Records page for detailed measure data tables in downloadable spreadsheet format, as well as previous quarters' reports.

Overall Ridership: 142 million riders Rail Customer Satisfaction 79% satisfied rating Bus Customer Satisfaction 73% satisfied rating
Metrorail Customer On-Time Performance 90% of customers arrived on time Metrobus On-Time Performance 77% of buses departed on time MetroAccess On-Time Pick-up Performance 92.6% of vehicles arrived on time
Bus Prediction Availability 93.9% of scheduled trips with real-time predictions Escalator Availability 93.4% of service hours that escalators were available Part I Crime Rate 7.2 crimes per million riders