For immediate release: August 6, 2023

Hold Up Renaissance World Tour fans, Metro will extend the last train by an extra hour to weather the storm

Due to inclement weather that may delay the start of tonight’s Renaissance World Tour at FedExField, Metro will extend the last train by an extra hour beyond the extended closing previously announced. The extended time means the #BeyHive can stay for the “Party” and still get home on Metro.

The additional hour will be funded by the Tour to cover the $100,000 cost to run more trains, keep all 98 stations open for customers to exit, and other operational expenses. During the extended service period, customers will only be able to enter at Morgan Boulevard, the station closest to FedExField. All other stations will be exit only.

Metro previously announced a 30-minute extension of the last trains to ensure customers could get home after the concert. The late closing, sponsored by the Tour, adds another hour to extend the last train time from Morgan Boulevard to 90 minutes after the normal schedule.

The last Silver Line train toward Ashburn tonight will now depart Morgan Boulevard at 1:04 a.m. instead of 11:34 p.m., allowing concertgoers enough time to walk from the stadium to the station even with a slight weather delay. Metro will make late trains available at transfer stations so customers aboard the final Silver Line train can rely on Metro to get them to their destinations on all lines. All customers in line at Morgan Boulevard at 1:04 a.m. will be accommodated.

For customers traveling toward Greenbelt, free shuttle bus service to stations closed for the ongoing fiber optic cable installation project will be available from Ft. Totten.

Last trains tonight from Morgan Boulevard:

Silver Line Silver Line:

  • To Ashburn: 1:04 a.m.

Blue Line Blue Line:

  • To Franconia-Springfield: Customers traveling toward Franconia-Springfield should take the1:04 a.m. Silver Line train toward Ashburn and transfer to the Blue Line at Metro Center.

Customers should be advised that the walk between FedExField and Morgan Boulevard Station can take up to 30 minutes, depending on crowds and other factors.