For immediate release: November 3, 2023

Metro honors veterans with patriotic train and bus wraps

Veterans Day TrainMetro is celebrating veterans this November with a special wrapped train and bus to honor those who served our country. 

The red design features an American flag motif and the message: “Proud to serve those who served our country” and “Honoring Veterans Day.”

“Metro is honored to support our military members, veterans, and their families with mobility across the region every day," said Metro board member and retired Army Colonel Donald Drummer. "We also acknowledge and salute the veterans and family members on our Metro team for their service and sacrifices. This train and bus are symbols of our enduring respect and appreciation."

Both the train and bus will be out on the system starting this weekend through the end of the month.

Metro’s special train and bus can be tracked at by selecting the “Special Edition” tab. They will only appear on the tracker when the vehicles are in service. 

The National Capitol Region has one of the largest veteran populations in the country and Metro serves several centers of military like the Pentagon, multiple defense facilities, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and Arlington Cemetery. 

Veteran’s Day will be observed on Friday, Nov. 10.

Metrorail will be operating from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. with normal weekend frequencies.

Buses will operate on a Saturday Supplemental schedule. All buses that normally run on Saturday will operate in addition to selected routes. Check timetables or use Metro's trip planner for schedules to travel on the holiday.