North and South Pavilions.

Title to be determined, 2023
Martin Donlin
Hand painting, digital printing, and acid etching on safety glass art panels


Design concept

Martin Donlin created four different designs to be incorporated into the pavilions' glazing through a variety of textures and techniques. Donlin developed two different themes for each of the pavilions to connect the artwork with Metro and the surrounding community. For the South Pavilion, he focused on the ideas of "Past" and "Future" as Ashburn is home to many high-tech businesses, data centers, and "cloud" operations that support Web Services. The North Pavilion focuses on "Transportation" and "Landscape" alluding to Ashburn's proximity to Dulles Washington Internal Airport and Washington, D.C., and the rural backdrop of the station.  Additionally, the recuring representation of the Sun and the Moon, in Donlin's design, represent the beginning and the end of the day and hope and renewal, a theme echoed in the four poems written specifically for the station by local poet Kristyn Roberts Marrott.

Martin Donlin is a glass artist working on both large and small scale. He works with a wide range of materials from Antique mouth blown glass, screen-printed ceramic enamels, to subtle acid-etched and polished glass. His projects are intended to work on a variety of levels, with bold images for impact yet containing small intricate details to be seen close up. His intention is to create artworks that are welcoming and accessible, and do not alienate visitors or locals, but can still remain exciting and have a sense of adventure.

Kristyn Roberts Marrott is a local poet, lyricist, and singer from Ashburn VA. Kristyn is directly involved with the local community as a teacher and business owner.

The public artwork is commissioned by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.