Your 2023 Metro Report

Your 2023 Metro Report

In 2023, customers took 226 million trips across Metrorail, Metrobus and MetroAccess. Thank you for choosing #YourMetro! We wanted to show you the value transit plays in your life and the community.

The new "Your 2023 Metro Report" tells you how many trips you took, how many stations you visited, and more transit highlights from your year on Metro.

Every time you choose to take transit over driving, you've contributed in a big way. You're helping the DMV region make strides toward our climate and safety goals. Meanwhile, you're also saving time by not sitting in traffic and saving some money along the way.

Enter your SmarTrip number below and take a closer look at your mass transit habits in 2023!

Keep riding - next year, we hope to bring you even more stats from rail, bus, and MetroAccess.

Get Your 2023 Metro Report Results

Your 20-digit serial number is found on the back of your plastic SmarTrip card, or if you have a mobile SmarTrip card, you can find that number in your Google or Apple Wallet or the SmarTrip app. The 20-digit number starts with either 0167, 0176, or 0177.

Having trouble finding your SmarTrip number? Click here to help locate it.

Here is Your 2023 Metro Report

Your 2023 Metro Report

See your stats at

Screenshot it. Share it.

Whether you took two rides or 200 Metro rides, every trip makes a difference. Take a screenshot of your results and share it on social media. Oh, and be sure to use #YourMetroReport.

Putting CO₂ Emissions in Context

Your CO₂ savings are reported in kilograms (kg), but what does that actually mean? According to the EPA, one kg of CO₂ is equal to the greenhouse gas emissions created by burning one pound of coal or driving a passenger vehicle for approximately 2.6 miles.

About the data

  • Data from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2023.
  • If you switched cards during the year, the data only shows trips taken using that card number.
  • Bus trips based on successful farebox transactions.
  • Bus miles calculated based on an average bus trip distance of three miles. We don't know the exact mileage since bus riders don't tap out at the end of trips.
  • Your rank is based on the number of trips taken. If you're in the top 5%, it means only 5% of riders took more rides than you. If you're in the top 100%, nearly all riders took more trips than you.